Wednesday, August 17

So tell us, Democrats: Are border walls good, or bad?

Democrats have a glaring double-standard on whether it's a good idea to build a wall at the border between two nations.  For example, the U.S. spent millions to help Tunisia build a wall at that nation's border with Libya.  So walls are good, right?  But when Americans get sick of waves of millions of illegal aliens pouring over our southern border, suddenly a wall is just a TERRIBLE idea!  One that no rational person could possibly support!

Wait, I think someone may have figured out why all the Democrats oppose building a wall to keep out illegals:

One thing about Democrats:  You gotta' give 'em credit for being astonishingly...shall we say, um..."flexible," in their principles:  any argument or principle is fine for now, then throw it overboard the moment it starts working against their quest for power.


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