Thursday, June 25

IRS destroyed evidence even after congress ordered 'em to preserve it.

How far have we fallen from a nation of laws?  Here's example 456,745:  When a congressional committee began closing in on the brazen harassment of conservative politica groups by the lying IRS division chief Lois Lerner, congress subpoenaed her emails to see if someone higher up in the emperor's administration had told her to do this.

Lerner then told congress that a hard drive crash had wiped out two years of her emails.  Oh, and bad luck, congressman:  The two years that were destroyed were exactly the period you were looking for, too.  Gosh, so sorry!

Then some congressional staffer noted that federal law required all agencies to preserve backups of emails, exactly to prevent crooked, lying bitch scum like Lerner from claiming what she claimed and getting away with it.  So where were the backups?

The head of the IRS himself appeared before congress and testified that provisions of law be damned, no backups existed.  And no, it wasn't his fault.  Because, "Oh, it's way too complicated for you morons to understand." 

The bastard actually smirked as he said the equivalent of this.

Oh, and we looked all over the place for the tapes but couldn't find 'em.

Of course, they may have existed at one time, but have been overwritten by new data--because, you know, those big reels of tape are expensive, and when the Rethuglicans did that thing with the budget a couple of years ago, well, we just couldn't afford new backup tapes so we had to write over the older ones.  So you know, it's your fault.

Then some investigator had the stunning idea to actually go down to the office that stores backup tapes for federal agencies and ask "Did the lying sack of shit who cashes a paycheck for nominally "running" the IRS ask you to look for these tapes?"

Answer:  "No one has ever asked us to look for anything."  And they proceeded to produce tapes containing, oh, 30,000 pages of emails.

Okay, now that you're up to speed:  The latest claim from the IRS is that well after congress subpoenaed tapes and any other media containing Lerner's emails, IRS employees destroyed 422 tapes containing another 24,000 Lerner emails.  And the excuse given?

"Ooh, was there some sort of search for these?  Oooh, a subpoena, you say?  Well, we had no idea.

In fact the destruction of the subpoenaed evidence occurred about three weeks before IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified to Congress that they would provide copies of the missing emails to Congress.

Hey, we're just Soooo f'n sorry about that, congressdudes.  Gosh, if only we'd somehow known not to erase all those tapes, we could have been more helpful.  But no one up the chain ever told us y'all were looking for these things.  Wow, bad luck, huh?  Well, is there anything else we can do for ya?

 Firing squads.  Everyone from GS4 all the way to the top.  These lying bastards will keep doing it until the first thousand are executed.  Then and only then will the brazen lying and lawbreaking stop.


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