Tuesday, July 26

BLM activists demanding some police funding be shifted to "community mumble..."

There's a basic observation that when a tactic has the effect you want, you keep using it until your opponent develops a successful counter to it.

Black demonstrators around the country are demanding that police be defunded.  But in several cities they're pushing a less-extreme intermediate goal:  to pressure Democrat mayors and council members to cut police budgets by ten percent and put that money into..."community mumble mumble."  Chances are good that craven pols wanting black votes will agree that diverting a mere ten percent of police funding won't hurt policing by a detectable amount.

And if crime does go up they'll just claim it was due to some other cause, like global warming.  So easy to fool the rubes, eh?

And thus the precedent is set.  And just like Democrats taking money from national defense to pay for giving more free shit to their voters, that won't end at ten percent.  Hell, some countries make cops buy their own guns, so why not do that here?  Or, experts say that in urban areas cops are more effective when they patrol on foot instead of in cars, so why not cut the number of patrol cars by, say, a third?  See how it works?


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