Tuesday, June 28

"Orlando was a hate crime!" Wait..get me re-write! Scary gun made him do it! Wait... Republican hate!

The first Narrative on the Orlando killings was that the guy did it because he hated homosexuals. 

That explanation was *totally plausible* to every liberal, Democrat and journalist since we've been hammered with this meme for years:  Since Christians and Republicans opposed gay marriage, it must follow (so the media and the emperor tell us) that they must hate homosexuals.

Yeah, they're serious.  And journalists can always point to the Westboro "Baptist" church as proof.

In any case the Narrative took a hit when it was discovered that the killer had been a regular at the very club he shot up for a couple of years, and had gay hookup apps on his phone.  Three men claimed he propositioned them, or that they'd had affairs with him.

Uh-oh.  Kinda makes the "did it cuz he hated gays" Narrative look...like total caca.  So after a quick trip to re-write, the new Narrative is that all these reports--yes, all of them--*may* be wrong.  Seriously.

An FBI spokesjerk said that their investigation had turned up no "solid" evidence that the killer was gay.  Okay, I'd expect some reporter to ask "Mr. FBI guy, are you saying *all* of the reports were fabricated?"

"And when you say your agency has found no *solid* evidence that he was gay, do you mean that in the same way that your agency denied for decades that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was a gay cross-dresser who promoted his gay lover to Assistant Director?  *That* kind of "no solid evidence"?

Of course that will never happen, but it would be amusing to see. 

And of course if the guy was secretly gay, the gay lobby can't use the theory--already pushed by some leftist papers--that they guy was a conflicted or self-hating gay because...well, how could anyone be "conflicted" about something so self-evidently faaabulous?  Well, unless the guy had been raised in a religion that regarded homosexuality as...uh...wait, that won't do either.

Oooh, can't let the Narrative make any connection between Islam and killing gays.  I mean, any stories alleging that must be nothing but right-wing propaganda, designed to fan Islamophobia.  You right-wingnuts don't have a shred of solid evidence that Muslims kill people for being gay!

You say ISIS kill gays by throwing them off buildings?  That's ridiculous!  You're just making that up!

What videos?  Come on, "everyone knows" videos can be faked, just like the alleged videos of the so-called "moon landing"!  In fact the building in that video you just showed us is on Sunset next to that new nightclub.

And even if ISIS did it, everyone knows they have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.  Our wonderful president has repeated that many times.  And he lived in a Muslim country growing up so he should know.  Besides, ISIS is a nutty group.  You don't have any evidence that a responsible Muslim *nation* executes people for being gay, so...

What?  You say the "Islamic Republic of Iran" has executed gays by hanging them from cranes in the center of cities?  That's crazy!  A responsible Muslim government of a major nation like Iran would never... 

What photographs?  I don't believe it.

Besides, our wonderful president negotiated a treaty with them about nuclear weapons, so they can't possibly be so barbaric as to...uh...  I don't believe it."

Leaving our befuddled liberal friend: Not that it's all that meaningful, but it also turns out that the killer was a registered...Democrat.

So with all of the above, what did the liberals and gays finally settle on as the last word in Narratives?  Take a look:

Yep: Not just "hate kills" but *Republican* hate. 

It's probably wrong to conclude that these people are utterly impervious to reason.  A far better guess is that they've discovered that lying--massively, consistently, outrageously--fires up their base and gets more low-info voters (i.e. their base) to support 'em.


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