Monday, June 27

Director of Homeland Security says illegal immigrants are "in effect, U.S. citizens"

Meanwhile back in the USSA...If you think the laughably-misnamed "Department of Homeland Security--run by the ludicrous buffoon Jeh Johnson--is serious about protecting "our" (whose?) country from illegals, guess again.  A few months ago Johnson, in a speech at Harvard, said that illegal aliens "are in effect, U.S. citizens."

WTF??  No way are they American citizens.  Oh wait...the emperor wants 'em to be citizens, because they'll vote Democrat for their whole lives, so naturally Johnson agrees with his boss.

Beyond belief--the head of the agency charged with keeping our borders secure blows off any semblance of responsibility by saying "Well, *in effect* they're citizens, so..."

That explains everything.  Traitorous, Constitution-shredding, lawless bastards, every one of 'em.  But not to worry, citizen: transforming into the United States of Mexico won't be so bad.  Hell, most of you won't even notice any difference.

On a related topic: did you hear the emperor say that illegal immigration "is the lowest it's been in decades"?  He did.  That's a brazen lie, of course:  it's on pace to be an all-time HIGH this year.  Of course that's not even a tiny problem for the emperor, since not a single mainstream "news" (propaganda) organ will mention that fact.



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