Friday, June 24

Democrats do a sceaming sit-in on the floor of the House; national media slobbers with praise

You've all surely heard about the "sit-in" staged in the House of Representatives, right?  Noisy demonstrators shouted and chanted endlessly, grabbed microphones and literally sat in the "well" of the House to prevent any business from being done.

So naturally the Speaker had the demonstrators thrown out and arrested for their disruptive actions, right?

Ah, no.  Because the screaming demonstrators were...Democratic representatives.

Democracy at its finest, eh citizen?  It's probably just me but I consider this sort of behavior a hanging offense.  No one is considering censoring *speech* in the House, but there are rules of order for a reason, and the Dems have made it clear they don't give a shit about those rules.

If one wants to demonstrate, do it somewhere else.

Here's the kicker:  The Democrat-loving website Politico absolutely loved this.  They wrote a piece positively slobbering with eagerness over the disruptive tactic:
rank-and-file Democrats, energized by nationwide publicity and praise they received for occupying the House floor over demands for a gun vote, are saying they’ll likely use the same strategy again. 
“It’s a new day in Washington; it’s a new way to fight,” said Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Joe Crowley.... “We’re going to get in the way until we see action.”
Wednesday’s sit-in was supported by virtually all House Democrats...
Astonishingly, one lone Democratic conressman admitted to being appalled.  Politico again:
"On the House floor we have rules, order and a system where democracy is supposed to work itself out in a deliberative and respectful way," he said. “We watched a publicity stunt, a fundraising stunt, descend an institution that many of us care a great deal about.”
Wait, that wasn't a Democrat, it was speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Not a single Democrat would go on the record as opposing the demonstration. You'd think former Dem Speaker of the House Pelosi would speak against the breach of all normal decorum, but Pelosi joined the demonstrators.
Some Democrats said Republicans better get used to it.

“There’s a consensus that when we come back, it’s not going to be business as usual — we’re not going to roll over,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.).... “We’re fed up with being treated so terribly, being locked out of everything and having our views not respected. So whether it’s more ‘sit ins’ or whether it manifests itself in other ways, we’re not going to take it anymore.”

“Absolutely,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) when asked whether Democrats would occupy the floor again. She said the partisanship of this day and age has pretty much forced them to become more aggressive.
These people are moronic hypocrites.  "Fed up with being treated so terribly"?  "Having our views not respected"?  All the fault of "partisanship" that only started "today"?  They've apparently forgotten the tactics Dems used during the "debat"e before the Dems passed Obamacare:  Dems controlled both houses of congress then, and the leaders refused to let even a single GOP amendment get a full vote.  The Democrat-controlled House--under Pelosi--refused to pass a budget for something like six years, since that would enable the emperor to spend as he wished, without having to worry about criticism.

And imagine the screams from the Mainstream Democrat Media if the Republicans had done this!  They'd have been shrieking about "thuggish behavior" and "tantrums."  But not a single mainstream organ has said a critical word about the Dem tantrum.  Because...double standard.

Oh, here's a pic of the Dem representatives throwing their fit.  Charming group, don't ya think?


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