Monday, June 27

Why are the elites screaming about Brexit while virtually ignoring millions starving in Venezuela?

Conservative pundit Greg Gutfeld (sp?) notices that the elites are screaming bloody murder about a vote in the UK.  Meanwhile they're almost completely ignoring the fact that in Venezuela the people are so close to starvation (due to...the mainstream media doesn't want to tell you) that they're having deadly riots trying to get food.

In fact for the past 3 years they've been short of such basics as toilet paper and cooking oil.  Astonishingly the country has even had to import coffee.  To Venezuela.  Inflation running 500 percent per year, destroying the value of any savings. 

So the outrage is totally misplaced.  Crazy.  Why all the concern about Brits voting to leave the EU but virtually none about the people starving in Venezuela?

Oh, got it:  Venezuela's disaster was caused--and is being worsened--almost entirely by dumb, disastrous socialist policies--which is to say, all socialist policies.  But elites here and in Europe love socialism, so they can't permit themselves to even notice the disaster in Venezuela...because to do so might make people question the wisdom of socialism.

And we just can't have that.  Cuz, you know...Hillary.

One commenter noted that Venezuela has some interesting characteristics:
   1. Government has spent more than its income for a couple of decades;
   2. Government prints money like mad (actually it orders currency from printers in other countries, but same effect);
   3. Government imposes hundreds of dumb, micro-managing rules on businesses--including telling 'em what they can charge for products;
   4. Routinely threatens political opponents and businesses;

The commenter then summed up by asking...what's the difference between Venezuela's policies and the policies of the Democratic party and its presidential candidate?


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