Friday, June 24

The enduring mystery of this age: Incompetent and stupid, or intentional and malicious?

I suspect one of the enduring mysteries of this time will be, Was Obama trying to destroy the nation, or was he just astonishingly, unbelievably incompetent--and surrounded by people either equally incompetent or just unwilling to tell him he was pushing amazingly stupid policies?

For example, right after Orlando the administration quietly announced it’s increasing the number of Syrian muslim refugees it's paying to fly to the U.S. and give permanent residency.  Yet an article in the Washington Post --generally a huge Obama fan--claims there are simply not enough security personnel to monitor all terror suspects in the U.S. now, let alone more.  It would take about 63% of the US police force to track just the 25,000 individuals on the watch list.

If that's true--and it would be great if some enterprising reporter would ask the emperor if he thinks it is--why would any rational policy-maker suggest or order bringing in more? 

Well consider it's being done by the same crew that gave you Benghazi, the "Arab spring" and Hillary's "Reset."  Their only real skill seems to be virtue signalling.  They imported a threat which as Foreign Policy points out is effectively a state-sponsored shock unit and now discover they can't afford to monitor it.

There would seem to be only two plausible alternative explanations for this fiasco:  The first is pure unadulterated arrogance and stupidity.  The emperor and his lackeys--elites who were and are totally protected from any threat--either didn't think through the consequences of their policies, or did and ignored those consequences.  The second is that the probable ghastly consequences were intentional.

Most Americans--indeed, most people--believe the so-called elites are smarter than "ordinary" folks. But when civilizations teeter it is usually because the elites have proved stupider than the common man. 
H/T Richard Fernandez at PJM.


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