Friday, June 24

Orlando: Root causes?

Following the mass killing in Orlando, it's clear that virtually all Democrats follow the lead of their Preciousssss and believe the problem is a) gun control, and/or  b) hate against gays--but not hate by Muslims, just hate by your average white Christian bigot.

For example, when the emperor's attorney-general, Loretta Lynch, was discussing the killer's conversation with 911 operators during the attack she said
...that conversation does not include any mention of the LGBT community.  But obviously we know that he apparently had some concerns or issues with the LGBT community.  This is a community that is often targeted by acts of hate. And so we’re very concerned about that issue as well.
Hate against gays.  Let's really lean on that point, Loretta, because that will help us avoid making any connection with Islam.

Republicans believe the problem is radical Islam--and in some quarters just Islam.

Very shortly after the event the emperor quickly assured us that this was not terrorism.  He was able to deduce this because no evidence had been discovered of the killer being *instructed* to kill.  Instead he told you the killer was "self-radicalized."

But this misses a key point:  It's been thoroughly shown that the Iranian mullahs hang gays from cranes, and ISIS throws 'em off tall buildings.  The murderous, implacable hostility of Islam toward homosexuals seems undeniable.  If Mateen acted in a manner consistent with this hostility, can a rational person seriously claim that the teaching of Iranian mullahs and ISIS religious experts had nothing to do with the act?


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