Friday, June 24

Democrats propose a law to make America's kids safer

WASHINGTON (AP)--Democrats in congress have proposed a law requiring anyone wanting to buy a pressure-cooker to undergo a background check and wait three days before picking up the device.  People on Homeland Security's "no-fly list" would be barred from buying pressure-cookers.

The bill would also outlaw private sales of pressure-cookers, such as at garage sales.  And if an original owner of a pressure-cooker died, they wouldn't be allowed to will the cooker to a family member unless that member went through the same screening procedure as that needed to buy such a device initially.

"This bill is a common-sense measure that's badly needed," said former Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  "Right now any ordinary American can buy a pressure-cooker without any background check or fingerprinting or any means of identification.  It's a security nightmare.  These deadly devices must be controlled to ensure the safety of all our children."

Democratic representative John Lewis said "We've been trying for years to close the private-sales loophole.  There's simply no need for ordinary Americans to own a pressure-cooker, particularly if we don't know who they are and where they live.  It's far too easy for domestic terrorists and Christians and other racists to get hold of these devices and use them to kill our children."

The head of Mothers Against Pressure-Cookers agreed that it was an outrage that these devices could be purchased without any type of background check, and by people suspected of anti-government leanings.  "If the Republicans weren't carrying water for the National Pressure-Cooker Association we would have had this common-sense law in place before the Boston bombing, and could have saved those who were killed and injured."


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