Wednesday, June 22

Dem/progressive writer for lefty blog: "I'm totally down with president banning guns"

The creature in the pic below is the new standard bearer for politically correct democrats in the U.S.  

His latest inspiring thought for good Democrat/"progressive" fascists was "I'm totally down with the prez banning all guns." 

Let that sink in for a minute:  I realize I'm jumping to conclusions here, but the pic leads me to suspect that this person wouldn't know a semi-automatic from a revolver.  To put it somewhat diplomatically, he doesn't look like he's all that bright, or in any way competent to lecture anyone about anything.  But he's using the killing in Orlando to support Democrat calls to ban guns.

Tell ya what, precious:  You assholes get Hillary to give up all her armed SS protection and then I might think there's some merit there.  Until then, STFU.

And for any readers who might have liberal/Democrat friends or family members:  Email this link to 'em.  Ask 'em if they want to be led by the like of this creature.  Ask 'em if they'd sleep well knowing this guy was a key political advisor or strategist for the Dems.  Cuz that's where he's headed.


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