Wednesday, March 16

North Korea sentences American college student to 15 years...for stealing a banner

That's 15 years at "hard labor," too.  Guy is 21 years old and definitely wins the stupid idiot of the year award.  First, what U.S. college student in their right mind would go to North Korea in the first place?

And the notion of stealing a hotel a "trophy."  Pure insanity!  Then putting it in his suitcase, when anyone who knows fuck-all about communist countries--or totalitarian regimes of any sort, for that matter--knows they check your bags on the way out as well as in.

Then a friend identified the missing puzzle piece:  The reason this guy did such a supremely stupid thing is that not one U.S. college or high school student in a thousand knows anything about communism.  Liberals never believed communism was a threat to begin with, and even when I was in high school a lifetime ago none of my teachers ever suggested it was.  But when you do atomic-bomb drills in the hall during school hours it doesn't take too long to put the pieces together.

Then when the former Soviet Union split up into a dozen or so individual states, every single liberal in the U.S.--including every school teacher--none of whom believed communism was ever a threat before--now redoubled their efforts to revise history to remove every hint that communism might have ever killed 100 million people in the 20th century (not including WW2).

Thus barely 20 years after the former Soviet Union seemingly crumbled we have the two Democrat candidates for U.S. president running as "socialist" and "slightly less socialist"--both of which are euphemisms for communism.

So no surprise that this guy didn't realize he was doing something really, really stupid.  His parents and teachers and political leaders didn't teach him basic survival skills in the big, unfriendly world.  In fact quite the opposite:  the adults around him--including every single college administrator--have gone to great lengths to insulate all these "special snowflakes" from the slightest hint of stress.  "Safe spaces," anyone?  Punishing other students for "micro-aggressions"?  Oh yeah.  Great survival skills.

Oh wait...what am I thinking?  The mainstream newspapers and TV networks have already identified the only threat to America, and it isn't communism.  It's...Donald Trump.


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