Tuesday, January 5

Mob estimated at 1,000 "men" assaults women in Cologne, Germany on New Year's eve

Cologne is Germany's fourth-largest city.  It's beautiful, and until recently was quite civilized.  But on New Year's eve a mob of "males"--estimated to number about 1,000-- sexually assaulted women in the central plaza.

Here's how NBC reported the story:

Cologne Police: Roving Packs Sexually Assaulted Dozens on New Year's Eve

MAINZ, Germany — Roving packs of men sexually assaulted dozens of women on New Year's Eve in western Germany's city of Cologne, officials said, describing the attacks as unprecedented.

The spree suggested a "new dimension of organized criminality," German justice minister Heiko Maas told a press conference on Tuesday.

Police said the attackers — who struck in pairs and groups of up to 20 men — appeared to be part of a larger, 1,000-strong group that had gathered in one of the city's main plazas for New Year's celebrations.

Cologne's police spokesman Thomas Held told NBC News that authorities had fielded around 90 complaints of pick-pocketing, groping and at least one of rape.

Eye witnesses described getting groped multiple times near the city's train station and its famed cathedral.

"It was horror. Although we shouted and hit around us, the guys did not stop. I was desperate," a 28-year-old woman identified as Katja L. told Cologne's Express newspaper, saying she was groped about 100 times while walking 600 feet.

Another woman, who did not give her name, told Bild newspaper that several men attacked her and her friend. "They had circled us and started to grope us. They were everywhere with their hands," she said.

NBC News was not able to independently verify the witness and victim accounts.
"But we tried really, really hard to verify.  We interviewed every female in North Pole, Alaska, and not a single one confirmed the alleged attacks.  So, y'know, being good 'journalists' we didn't want to jump to any premature conclusions, so we needed to let readers know that we couldn't verify the victim or witness accounts."

"What?  You say we should have asked for victims to contact us and relate their accounts?  Why on earth would we want to do that?  That's not what journalists are paid to do.  Our job is to report what government officials say at press conferences, and interpret it for people who might be skeptical for some unknown reason."
Police on Monday had said the suspects appeared to be of "Arab or North African descent," sparking fears on social media they were among around 1 million asylum seekers who have flooded Germany this year. Held told NBC News that it was too early to tell if the suspects were recent arrivals.

Amid the fears and outrage, Cologne city officials were meeting Tuesday to discuss further measures to prevent similar incidents. 
That's the entire NBC story.  Notice that the description of the suspects isn't mentioned until the next-to-last 'graf.  Cuz journalism, baby.  That's what the mainstream media always do with reports that don't support the emperor's narrative.

Here's a bit more info from the Sydney Morning Herald:
Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere [said] the perpetrators were "people apparently with a migrant background," [but quickly added that] residents shouldn't harbour "blanket suspicion" against refugees fleeing to Germany to escape persecution, de Maiziere said on Tuesday.
Notice how smoothly the Interior Minister reinforced the narrative that "refugees" were pouring into Germany "to escape persecution," when in fact virtually all unscripted interviews--in which local reporters interview immigrants the reporter has chosen at random from a large group--confirm that the immigrants are looking for free government housing, food and generous welfare benefits.  Only a tiny percentage are from Syria.
Cologne police have reviewed about 90 criminal complaints from women who described being robbed, sexually harassed and in one case raped as revellers poured into Germany's fourth-largest city...
Witnesses described the men as "of North African appearance," [a police spokesperson] said. The scale of the assaults became clear as criminal complaints were filed after January 1 and two suspects have been arrested, she said.
And then, taking the award for unintended clueless irony is this:
[German chancellor Angela] Merkel, who is facing criticism from the CSU and her own Christian Democratic Union for declining to cap the number of arrivals, reaffirmed her principled stance...

"In our constitution it says human dignity is inviolable.  That applies not only to Germans and people who live in Germany" but worldwide, she said.
So human dignity is "inviolable"?  Maybe for Muslims seeking government support in Germany, but it sounds like Merkel isn't too concerned about the "human dignity" of the women who were assaulted by the mob.

But don't worry about your emperor importing ten-thousand military-age Muslim males into the U.S, cuz they won't be anything like their counterparts in Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden.  You can count on that, because your emperor would never support a policy harmful to you and your family.  Certainly he's never done anything like that before.


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