Tuesday, January 5

CBS morning show implicitly confirms bullshit story run by Time magazine

Happened to be watching CBS morning show for a few seconds and saw a guest said to be a science editor for Time Magazine (Jeff Kluger, maybe?)  Remember, Time was the outfit that ran a screaming piece of bullshit claiming the north pole had reached plus-43 degrees a week or so ago.  (It didn't--the reporter had found the temp at "North Pole, Alaska" and thought that was the real north pole--and none of the "layers and layers of fact-checkers and editors" caught it.)

The guest was talking about the strong el Nino, and in an obviously-scripted exchange, one of the hosts said something like "And we saw the north pole reach 50 degrees last week..."  But rather than correcting her--implicitly apologizing for Time's grossly erroneous story--the Time science guy didn't say a word to set the record straight.

Then a second host--again, scripted--said something like "And of course warming has many other bad effects other than climate, right?"  Time guy: "That's right.  Food insecurity in Africa and [other regions] will have a big impact on our national security!"

Point of this story:  Time makes a gross, amateurish error, and then when a host on one of the morning flagship network shows echoes the bullshit report, rather than correct her the Time shill implicitly doubles-down on the error.  Astonishing--and chilling.

Truth is meaningless to these people.


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