Friday, January 1

Republicans in congress [spit] give Obama and Dems every spending item they wanted

In the two midterm elections in 2010 and 2014 voters gave the Republicans landslide victories,  and they now have the largest number of seats in the House since the Civil War.

And it hasn’t made any difference at all.  In the giant budget bill just completed, the Republicans gave Obama and the Dems everything they wanted.  Here is a partial list of what Obama requested and received from the Republican-controlled congress:

1. Funding for Obama’s executive amnesty program
2. Funding for so-called “sanctuary” cities that refuse to turn illegal aliens over to the feds;
3. Funding for all of Obama’s refugee programs
4. Funding for all of Obama’s immigration programs
5. Funding for Obama’s illegal alien resettlement programs
6. Funding for the release of criminal illegal aliens imprisoned in the United States
7. Funding for tax credits for illegal aliens
8. Elimination of spending caps
9. Funding for Planned Parenthood abortion services
10. Funding for ALL of Obama’s climate change programs
11. Funding for Obamacare
12. Funding for INCREASED government spying on U.S. citizens

There is only one political party.


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