Monday, January 4

Total number of missions flown by French AF in Syria since Paris shootings: a dozen.

Governments often tell their citizens one thing, when their actions show that the truth is radically different.  Some of those actions are impossible to verify, but others are easily found to be...utter bullshit.

One example of the latter is the number of bombing sorties flown from known bases. 

In the instant case we're looking at the number of sorties flown by French aircraft against ISIS.

After the Paris massacre on 14 Nov, French president Hollande vowed "To war."  But according to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale since that time the French have flown just a dozen missions in Syria and about six per day in Iraq. 

Such a nothing effort is about as effective as the one carried out by the Obama administration, and one wonders why the air effort is so low-intensity.  The French claim "the Pentagon" is only allowing them to fly a small number of missions.  By comparison, in Belgrade in 1999 the French air force flew 52 sorties a day, an effort almost nine times higher than the current one.

So who's lying?  Are the French really not serious about retaliating against ISIS, or are they being throttled by the U.S ("the Pentagon")?

To help decide, consider that Air Force sources have confirmed that most U.S. missions don't expend any ordnance.  That is, the emperor doesn't seem particularly interested in inflicting damage on ISIS.  And if the U.S. controls sat data (which is usual), it wouldn't be unusual for "the Pentagon" to limit the number of targets it's been giving the French air force.

In any case, the fact remains that neither the USAF nor the French seems to be serious about hitting ISIS.  Wonder why not?


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