Saturday, January 2

After threats force cancellation of NYE in Brussels, quiet evening: just 804 cars torched?

According to this website, in Brussels on New Year's eve 804 cars were set on fire.

Eh, no big deal, right?  Prolly not even true...cuz if it was true, surely the mainstream media would have told you about it, right?  I mean, isn't Brussels where the governing body of the European Union meets?  Of course that may not be big deal--hard to know from here.

But...did you say 804 cars were torched?  Geez, that's...well do they know who did it?

Guess not, cuz Belgian media are saying simply "Belgian youth."  Wow, wonder what they're mad about?

And I see some of the same "youth" poured gas on a tall, beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the town square, and set it afire.  And you can hear some people yelling Allahu snackbar, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with Islam.  Probably some Lutheran kids trying to make Muslim immigrants look bad.

But seriously, I'm sure glad our Obama-loving media didn't report this, cuz that might have made ordinary Americans just the tiniest bit skeptical about the emperor's decision to import ten-thousand more of 'em into this country--without even asking state governors if they were willing to host 'em.

Wait, what was I thinking?!  The media tell me there's an amendment to some old document that says "All powers not specifically delegated to the States are automatically given to the federal government."  So I guess that makes any concern about this stuff sorta' academic, eh?


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