Saturday, January 2

Media: "Socialism good, capitalism bad."

One of the constant messages broadcast relentlessly by the mainstream media is:  Socialism and more government control are good; capitalism is bad.

A fair question to ask them is:  Why do you constantly transmit this message?  If you believe it's accurate, what is the factual basis for your conclusion?

If one could ask this of "reporters" and editors they would deny sending any such message.  Instead they'd claim they were objective and unbiased.  Because if the truth came out, young people would be justifiably skeptical of the message.

The fact is, socialism and an all-powerful central government have produced awful results everywhere they've been tried.

Leftists will wail that this absolutely not true--that for every Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea or Albania or former Soviet Union there are an equal number of examples of socialist or totalitarian countries that are faabulous success stories.

Of course the Left has excuses all lined up to "explain" the examples of socialist failure.  In Cuba, for example, the excuse is that the U.S. "blockaded" the island nation.  This of course is bullshit--neither the U.S. nor anyone else ever blockaded Cuba.  Congress did pass a law that American companies couldn't sell goods to Cuba, nor buy Cuban goods, but the rest of the world was free to continue trading with Cuba, and did.

Cuba now has one of the poorest standards of living of all western hemisphere nations.  Oh, they have free medical care for all--except if you're not "connected" to the Party you have to bring your own sheets, bandages and antiseptic.  And the technology for "ordinary" people is right out of the 1950s.  But no matter:  It's FREE MEDICAL CARE!  Woohoo!

Consider Venezuela:  As recently as 1970 that oil-rich country had the highest per-capita income in Latin America.  But the socialist/totalitarian government of Hugo Chavez and his hand-picked successor Nicolas Maduro have turned that completely to shit in barely 20 years.  Today even the most basic consumer items, like toilet paper and cooking oil--are rarely available in stores.

The Leftist excuse here is that the U.S. has "sabotaged" Venezuela's economy.  How this was done is never convincingly explained--and indeed, no one has the balls to ask Maduro or his lackeys how--in detail--it was done.  But of course no explanation is needed, because no one in the government ever has to explain.

But Venezuela looks relatively successful compared to North Korea, where the dictatorship has been starving its own people for decades.  Not in the cities, of course, because a handful of foreigners visit the cities, and if city residents were starving the story might leak out.  But out in the countryside it's a vastly different story.

The pic below is worth thousands of words:

The brilliantly-lit region at lower-right is South Korea. The black hole in the upper center isn't ocean, it's North Korea.  The one bright spot in the sea of black is the capital of that dismal nation.

For those who graduated from government highschools, South Korea is a free society that prizes capitalism, while the North is a communist dictatorship.  But don't draw any conclusions from this pic, since...well, Sorth Koreans are an entirely different people, genetically, from their cousins in the north.  The southerners are soft and love luxury, which the northerners are hardier and don't need lights to be happy.  Or some such horse-shit.

The examples of the success of freedom and free markets and capitalism are everywhere--as are the examples of socialist failures.  But western "journalists" focus on the results of personal choices that most rational adults would regard as...stupid.  Example:  If you demonize study and hard work and academic excellence, and glorify drug dealers and gang-bangers and impregnating as many females as possible, with no thought for supporting the offspring, can any rational adult claim to be surprised at the outcome?

But your betters in government and the elite media have a better explanation:  Capitalism must be at fault, because unequal results.  By the same reasoning socialism must be good, because you get equal outcomes for all regardless of bad personal choices.

They don't get it.  They'll never get it.  But no matter, cuz they're sooper-smaht, and they have the platforms that let them shape opinion.  So...socialism good, capitalism--HEY LOOK, Kardashians!


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