Saturday, January 2

A European's take on the future of Europe vis-a-vis Muslim immigration

There's a European guy who writes a blog called Gates of Vienna.  Guy has a good handle on the insanity happening in Europe.  Here's his take:
After a decade of watching Western European immigration politics closely, one fact stands out: no matter what party is in power, the rate of Third-World immigration tends to remain the same, or increase. The Social Democrats, the Greens, the Christian Democrats, Labour, Conservatives, center-left, center-right — all of them implement more or less the same policies. They all promise to get tough on immigrant criminals and correct the abuses, but nothing really changes.

A chan0ge might be possible if one of the “far right” parties gained power — the PVV in the Netherlands, Sverigedemokraterna in Sweden, the Front National in France, etc. — but the existing power structure is doing everything it can to make it impossible for such parties to form governments. In a parliamentary system, if all the other parties establish a cordon sanitaire around an immigration-critical party, such a party would have to gain an absolute majority in order to rule — a very unlikely event.

Furthermore, the fact that leaders of such parties are demonized in the press, hounded by the state, and repeatedly prosecuted for “hate speech” makes their chances of governing slimmer still.
The campaign against those who would halt immigration is so uniformly relentless and extensive across the entire continent that we may assume it is being ordered and orchestrated at a supranational level. Somebody, or some consortium of somebodies, is expending enormous quantities of money, effort, and manpower to make sure that the flow of immigrants into Europe remains unimpeded.
Will significant numbers of immigrants be deported after being convicted of terrorism, or any other crimes?
History indicates deportation will be extremely rare.  The European Commission on Human Rights is notorious for stepping in to prevent deportation, on the grounds that the would-be deportee has a “right to a family life.”  They carefully avoid the question of why the would-be deportee has the right to have that "family life" in Europe, as opposed to wherever he came from.
Will Western countries reform their entitlement systems, and make it impossible for new immigrants to live on the dole?
Some European countries have been talking about cutting back the welfare allowances given to illegal immigrants.  However, the subsidies and stipends are so incredibly generous that even if they were cut in half they would still be a fabulous inducement for poverty-stricken migrants to make the trek to Europe.
Short answer:  The leaders of European nations will do nothing to substantively reduce the number of migrants.  And even if the leader of one nation tried to cut benefits, the politicians who run the EU can block any such move on the grounds of mumble mumble bullshit bullshit.

Shorter answer:  Nothing is likely to reduce the number of Muslim immigrants entering Europe.  Which means all the European nations are effectively doomed to become Muslim-dominated.

One commenter began: “The first step for any patriotic Govt is…”

The host replied:
Our core problem is that there are no patriotic governments in the West. None. All our efforts should be concentrated on changing that deplorable situation....

In the governments of the West (and I do not include Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary in the West) there are only mendacious traitors, NWO toadies, cynical and corrupt bureaucrats, committed socialists, ambitious and unprincipled opportunists, and agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, in various mixtures. There are no patriots in charge.

That is what we need to work on.


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