Friday, January 1

Do not click on this if you're delicate (no blood but a harsh narrative)

What's the most hideous thing you can imagine?

If you're a typical college or highschool student, it's probably a scene from some Hollywood movie.

Gosh, sorry:  Reality is worse.  Much worse.

How much worse?  Try this:

Okay, this pic is 3 years old.  Shows ISIS thugs pointing guns at a Christian toddler.

They later fatally shot him.

But remember, citizen:  Even though ISIS says their acronym stands for "Islamic state of Iraq and Syria," ISIS has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam

At least that's what your emperor says, and he's never ever lied to you before, right?

Well, some nasty haters claim he once said "If you like your health insurance you can keep you health insurance.  Period."  But there's no real evidence he said that, so...

ISIS is real.  They are commanded by their holy book to conquer the world for their cult.

But don't worry, citizen:  Your emperor has them "contained" to a very small area in the middle east.  And Europe.  And the U.K.  And except for the ten-thousand or so he's bringing into the U.S.

But with those small exceptions he has 'em, like, totally contained.

And anyway, Islam is the religion of peace.  Really.  And your emperor's attorney-general will prosecute anyone who says they're not.


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