Saturday, December 26

Someone else's prognosis

Adapted from a commentmont:
In every society on the globe save two, the people in power are using laws, rules, deadly force, a lying media and mass deception to drive their countries in a direction most of the rest of the population doesn't want to go.
    Pretty much the only places where this isn't happening are the Islamic world and Russia. 
    Our own Nomenklatura--government and self-styled elites--have clearly sided with our enemies rather than their own people.
    We cannot vote our way out of this, because the establishment wing of both parties appears to have the same agenda.  It's why GOP speaker of the House Paul Ryan supported every single item of the Democrats' and Obama's budget.  The nominal Republican speaker didn't oppose a single spending item requested by the emperor.
     I am guessing that our society has anywhere from a few months to 11 months, with a theoretical outer limit of 13 months before reaching a cusp.
I agree with everything up to the time estimate.  But I don't think the U.S. electorate will ever rise up to overthrow the ruling class.  No one wants to get killed, or lose their job or pension.  No more than two or three percent of the population are self-employed and don't have families, and even if all those folks took up arms it almost certainly aren't enough to bring down the Nomenklatura. 

But hey, no big deal, citizen:  Statistics say you aren't religious, not homosexual and can easily live without cigarettes, alcohol and music.  Free speech was never a big deal to ya.  So all it takes is reciting two short sentences and showing up for prayers five times a day, and you and your family will get along just fine under your new Islamic masters.

Oh, and you can expect to see a lot of familiar faces at the top of the Islamic government:  The emperor's national security advisor, the head of the CIA, the head of Homeland Security and dozens more.  Frankly, not a lot of change.

You'll feel right at home.


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