Friday, December 25

For those who blasted Trump's proposal: What if Westboro members wanted to...

The NY Times, Obama's press secretary and all liberals have reacted with horror to Trump's comment recommending that the U.S. stop admitting Muslim immigrants.  "That's not who we are," all of the above have exclaimed--with tones of righteous indignation.

Really, darlings?  You support continuing to allow Muzz immigrants because you support freedom of religion and loathe discrimination?  Excuse me for being...skeptical, and for thinking you're all hypocritical rat-bastards.

Think that's too harsh?  Well here's a question for everyone who supports the liberal position on this:  Suppose the infamous Westboro "church" had a billion members, and a few thousand of those had murdered, oh, a few tens of thousands who weren't members of their cult, and kidnapped hundreds more.  And suppose Westboro members in the U.S. insisted on bringing in tens of thousands of other members of their "religion."  Would the Times and your emperor and congressional Democrats all be supporting this idea, or would they suddenly find a reason to oppose it?

C'mon, liberals:  Let's see you try to argue with a straight face that you and your leader and the Times would support the ghastly Westboro cult's proposal.

And Westboro members don't even kill folks who don't believe as they do.


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