Tuesday, December 22

Vox "editor" blames rape of Yazidi girls by ISIS on...Fox News??

The "culture editor" at the left-wing webzine Vox--a soul-poisoned asshole named Sean M. Davis--recently tweeted about ISIS thugs raping captured Yazidi girls and women.  Most of us correctly see this as a ghastly war crime, but in a leap worthy of the best defenders of Hitler and Stalin, Davis--presumably speaking for his employers, since no one in the management of Vox has criticized or rebuked him--blames another entity:
Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 7.50.24 PM

You read that right--the culture editor of Vox blames the rape of Yazidi women on...Fox News.

It's hard to fathom the depth of depravity that would author such a statement, but of course, it's Vox--one of the staples of the Left.

Yazidis are Christians, so in Davis's twisted, depraved mind this probably ranks as a war crime in itself.  That's one sick son of a bitch.  As is his buddy Max Fisher, apparently Vox's "foreign editor," who tweeted
Fox News and others have been dog-whistling all year that Yazidi's are Christian.  Inevitable that this would happen.
Not sure what this asshole meant to imply by "inevitable" but he's clearly trying to blame Fox "and others," perhaps for somehow tipping off ISIS that the Yazidis were Christians--as if that was somehow a secret.

Okay Sean and Max--you stupid fucks:  Where's your condemnation of ISIS for throwing homosexuals off buildings?  How about your condemnation of ISIS for burying women up to the neck and stoning them to death?  No?

Hey, glad to see your outrage is so damn inconsistent and selective.  But hey, it's what we expect from your type, and from those who follow your lead.


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