Thursday, December 24

The Left claimed the real reason the U.S. invaded Iraq was to steal their oil. So did that happen?

Remember the Leftist meme that the real reason the U.S. invaded Iraq was to steal their oil?

Surely you must.  That brilliant piece of propaganda was a staple of virtually every leftist publication for years, stopping only when the emperor ascended to the throne.

So...have you seen or heard any stories about the U.S. stealing Iraq's oil?  
Leftist:  Well of course you wouldn't see anything about that in the U.S. media because all the mainstream media outlets are owned by...wait for it... corporations.  And everyone knows what that means, eh?

Me:  Okay, but would you expect foreign media to similarly ignore such a blockbuster story?

Leftist:  Of course, because they're also owned by...corporations.

Me:  I thought a whole slew of countries had state-owned media.  Are they in on the coverup too?

Leftist:  Uh...they're probably being pressured by the CIA to keep quiet.  To get the truth, citizen, you need to read Leftist sources like, oh, Salon.  They've done lots of stories exposing all the theft of Iraqi oil by the U.S...

Me:  Really?  Got a link for any of those stories?  Isn't it true that no publication has published or broadcast a single word about any theft of Iraqi oil?

Leftist:  Wow, look at the time!  I gotta catch a plane.

Does this puzzle you?  I mean, the Left assured us that the real reason the horrible Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq was to steal their oil, remember?  If they haven't reported any actual, you know, thefts, does that mean Leftist media are part of the coverup, or does it mean the U.S. hasn't stolen any Iraqi oil?

Hey, I'll go either way on that one.


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