Sunday, December 27

Remember conservative warnings that Obamacare contained some economy-killing provisions?

Conservatives warned y'all that Obamacare was absolutely filled with land-mines:  Crippling fines on businesses that failed to totally comply with every detail, even the ones that required their owners to violate their religious beliefs; penalties on individuals who didn't buy a product, no matter how much they might not want that particular product at that price; and perverse disincentives that would make it ruinous for a small-business owner to expand his or her business to 50 or more employees.

Liberals/Democrats/socialists laughed uproariously.  "You wingnuts are so paranoid!  You're only saying these things to scare Americans!  Nothing like that would ever happen!"

But like most crap ideas rammed through by Democrats, using totally illegal means (like Harry Reid taking a totally unrelated bill, passed by the House, removing every word from it, and substituting the text of Obamacare), Obamacare has had exactly the effects conservatives warned about seven years ago. 

For example, on November 18th the NY Times ran a story about a woman who had done well with a hair salon, and had expanded to four locations and 45 employees.  She believed she could open a fifth location, but then put that plan on hold when she realized this would put her over the 50-employee threshhold that would trigger far higher costs under Obamacare.

Not to worry, citizen:  Liberals and Dems told you this would never happen,, have you heard about how crazy-dangerous all those drones are that wingnuts are flying?

As everyone surely knows, the NY Times has always supported Democrats, and their faabulous emperor, and every single one of his ill-conceived, unconstitutional programs.  So when a Times editor allows the paper to print a word infinitesimally critical of one of the emperor's programs it's...well, someone's probably gonna lose their job over this.


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