Sunday, December 27

New "law" in NYC: Human-rights dweebs can fine employers $250,000 for WHAT???

New York City has arrogated unto itself the right to fine employers who don't call trans-gender employees by whatever name the employee wants, regardless of the employee's actual, legal name.

Wait, it gets better:  Employers can also be fined for failing to use "proper pronouns."  While the nazi's don't give examples, one might reasonably guess that would include "xir" or "xim" or any of the nutty made-up words that issue from outfits such as the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Wait, it gets still better:  Employers can be fined up to...a quarter of a million dollars.

Yes, you read that right.  For calling a trans-gender employee by their legal name.  Or for failing to use whatever bullshit, made-up pronoun a trans-gender employee demands the employer use.

When I first read this story I was certain it was satire--that no city could possibly be that dumb.  So I went to "" and searched...and sure enough, there it was.  Go clear to the end to find the quarter-million fine.


Okay, a modest prediction:  Plaintiff's attorneys will instantly see this as a pot of gold and will jump on this gravy train. A couple of well-advertised awards and the floodgates will open, with thousands of "victims" magically coming out of the woodwork.

The "success" of this "law" will result in increased staffing at the NYCHR commission, and higher salaries.  And every one of the new hires will vote Democrat.


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