Monday, June 22

Media bias, example number gazillion

Further to the evidence of extreme left-lib-Democrat bias in the media, exhibit gazillion, from the wretchedly-Dem-loving Associated Press.  It's for sale on their website:

The man whose head seems to be inches from the muzzle (for you gun-phobes that's the end the bullet exits from) is GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Gosh, that seems pretty inflammatory, doesn't it?

The message is even clearer when you see the original, uncropped pic.  Here it is:

Either the AP or the photog intentionally cropped it way down to get their cunning, hateful message across.

Does anyone think the cropped version is more informative?  Newsworthy? Communicates a nuance, perhaps?  No, of course not.  The AP cropped it down to about 5 percent of the original for one reason: to get a message across.  And then denied they had any such intent.  Sure.

But not to worry, serfs:  The AP has done much the same thing with its pics of the emperor.  Some examples:

Oh, wait...those *aren't* guns pointed at him.  In fact they all look like...halos??

With so many artfully composed pics of the emperor you'd almost think the photogs were doing this deliberately, eh?  Now contrast the above pics with the one of Cruz.

Nah, no bias here, folks.


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