Friday, June 12

Texas cops raid girls’ “Illegal” lemonade stand, shut it down for not having a permit

One of the big attractions of Texas is that the folks down there seem to be a lot more reasonable and a lot less intrusive/pissy/fussy than folks up north and out west.  Uh...maybe not...!

Last week two girls in Overton, Texas came up with an idea to raise $100 for a Father's Day present for their dad:  The decided to sell heroin.

Just kidding.  Lemonade.  The pair of novice entrepreneurs--ages 7 and 8--started selling to willing buyers last weekend.  After just one hour they'd made about 25 bucks, but then Code Enforcement showed up with the town's police chief and shut 'em down for operating without a permit.

Seems Texas has a law barring the sale of food that needs time or temperature control to prevent it from spoiling if the control isn't present. Since the lemonade would eventually grow mold after being left out for days, police said they needed both an inspection from the health department and a permit to sell it.

The cost of the permit alone is $150.  No word on whether putting ice in the lemonade would satisfy the law's requirement for temperature control.

Luckily neither the girls nor their dog were shot, tazed, tear-gassed or maced.  Neither they nor their parents were jailed, and they weren't hit with hundred of dollars in fines.  So it could have been worse.  And in a lot of states it would have been.

Such is the sad, sorry state of our mad governments today, when even Texas shuts down little girls for trying to sell lemonade.

Both the police chief and code enforcement need to be fired.  But of course they won't be.


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