Thursday, June 18

OPM computer "hack" seems to have been because they outsourced computer security to Chinese nationals!

You may have heard some vague murmurings about the computer servers at the federal government's "Office of Personnel Management" being "hacked," and files being copied on as many as ten million federal employees.  Early reports included speculation that the hack was done by the Chinese government.

Well, turns out there's more to the story.  It wasn't a cyber-attack as such.  It was worse: Turns out OPM--an agency totally controlled by the emperor--contracted out its computer security to a company heavily staffed by Chinese nationals.  And it gave those contractors what's called "root access" to OPM's computers.

For non-geeks that means the Chinese could change anything in the system--including uploading spyware, trapdoors and all manner of "malware."

Now even if computers aren't your area of expertise, you're probably wondering how an agency of the federal government could manage to give root access to Chinese nationals.  (And we don't mean "people of Chinese origin or ancestry" but current residents of China with Chinese passports.)  It seems either incompetent, insane or traitorous.

Well, here's a clue:  The person Obama appointed to head the OPM is one Katherine Achuleta--whose biography posted at reveals a background devoid of real management expertise but long on political loyalty.
Director Archuleta...was the first Latina to head this federal agency.
Director Archuleta [was] a teacher in the Denver public school system....[then]  an aide to Denver Mayor [D] Federico Peña. When Mayor Peña became Secretary of Transportation during the Clinton Administration, Archuleta [became] his Chief of Staff. Later, Peña was appointed to head the Department of Energy and Archuleta served as a Senior Policy Advisor.
After the Clinton Administration she went back to local government and became a senior policy advisor to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.
Archuleta spent the first two years of the Obama Administration serving as the Chief of Staff to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.
Here's Ms. Archuleta:

In the Age of Obama the overriding rule of government is to put people in charge of government agencies not due to their competence, but because they have the proper symbolic value in terms of race and gender.  And of course political reliability is crucial.

The new fable is that Archuleta discovered the "hack" herself, as a result of investigating computer security at OPM.  This of course is being contradicted by numerous low-level employees who've said the problem with the entity in charge of computer security had been known for over a year, and many warnings about the Chinese nationals had been passed up the chain--and ignored.

Click here to get a non-political take on how this happened.  (Same as link above.)  The damning info is about half-way down.

If one were to propose this as a movie plot it would be rejected as being totally unreal, implausible.  And yet here we are.


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