Friday, June 12

Seven years ago ABC predicted NYC would be underwater, and lots of other things. Why?

Exactly seven years ago today, the ABC television network did a piece supposedly forecasting what things would be like just seven years in the future--i.e. today.  To say their forecasts were ludicrous is an understatement.  Here, see for yourself:
  * New York City would be underwater
  * Gasoline would cost nine bucks a gallon
  * Milk would cost $13 a gallon

A quick check shows that a gallon of gas costs about $2.40 here in flyover country (higher in coastal states but that's because of their taxes and regs, not the cost of the gas).  A gallon of milk averages about $3.40.   And last time I looked, the sea level around NYC was just where it's been for years, give or take a millimeter.

People often try to predict conditions 50 or 100 years ahead, because when that year rolls around no one remembers.  But why would ABC make such totally radical forecasts for a time so near in the future--since if they proven wrong, many people would remember (at least with the help of the wonderful internet)?

Oh wait--wasn't something fairly critical for the U.S. scheduled to happen just five months after ABC's apocalyptic predictions in 2008?

Oh, that's right: a presidential election. 

And which party would benefit from one of the big-three broadcast networks scaring people about the price of staples like milk and gasoline, or the alleged catastrophic effects of global warming--like rising sea levels submerging NYC?

Why, that would be the same party that wants to dismantle "evil" capitalism and the free market in favor of government bureaucrats controlling every aspect of life.

In case you're new to this country, that would be the Democrats.

Seems like the most likely explanation for ABC going so far out on a limb to make scary, absurd predictions was that they were trying to help elect the emperor.  What a surprise.


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