Tuesday, June 9

Victor Hanson: "We're descending into a new Dark Ages."

Victor Hanson is an excellent student of history, and a good writer.  His analyses of our current national situation is chilling:  It's grim to the point that we're almost down to two options: surrender, or civil war.

As he sees it we're descending into a New Dark Ages.  The Constitution has been shredded, half of American voters are incapable of thinking past today, and will vote for the candidate who promises them the most free stuff.  Free speech is almost dead on campus--which was once the heart of the free-speech movement!

Obama's former attorney-general, Eric Holder, said Americans needed to have a discussion about race, but were too scared to do so.  Hanson notes that implicit in Holder's absurd charge was that no one would be allowed to examine the role government welfare had played in the destruction of the black family. Other presumably off-limits topics would be the epidemic of violence, crime and drug use, and the cult of the hyper-macho male.

Other forbidded topics include the dilemma of the Social Security system, our huge national debt, and the utter, hypocritical corruption of the leading Democrat presidential candidate, who set up a slush fund that let foreign countries seeking a favorable ruling from the State Department donate tens of millions of dollars to improve their chances of getting one.  But hey, no corruption or favoritism here.

A common theme supported by the media--albeit tacitly--is the acceptance of lies as if they were true--because the lie offers collective benefits, while truth either disrupts social justice or ruins a nice scam run by connected people.

Take Obamacare. Almost every promoted tenet of the Affordable Care Act proved false:  The emperor promised the average family would save $2,500 per year.  Instead premiums went up--along with deductibles. Millions lost not just their doctors but their existing health care plans as well. The much ballyhooed health care website was initially dysfunctional, and barely improved.  Numerous mandatory provisions of the new law were unlawfully delayed, because their stated start dates would have hurt Obama's reelection chances.

We've put up with garbage from Obama that would have gotten any prior president impeached.  And now the Republicans--who were finally given a majority in both houses of congress last election--are actually helping him pass bills like the Trans Pacific Partnership that no one is allowed to reveal to the American people.

Slow.  Learners.  Oh, and traitors.


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