Sunday, June 14

Government screws up A,B & C but wants to take total control of D, E & F

The emperor's administration has conclusively shown that they can't protect our embassies or consulates, can't protect the border, can't protect their own IT infrastructure, can't keep intruders out of the grounds of the White House, can't protect the Capitol Building, can't defend our allies....
and yet they want total control over:

  -health care for every American
  -every single puddle of water in the country, whether or not navigable
  -every detail of elementary and high school curricula
  -what can be transmitted over the internet
  -privately owned land
  -school lunches
  -our food choices
  -your right to bear arms
  -your alleged freedom of speech and expression
  -your right to free exercise of your religious beliefs
  -your right to be secure in our persons and free from unreasonable search and seizure

Here's a novel idea:  Once government starts doing a passable job on the items in the first 'graf, then we'll talk about the other ones.  Until then, fuck off.


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