Monday, June 22

Leftist hypocrisy, example 452,328--this time from the beacons of (un)reason at Salon

Conservatives have long noted the hypocrisy of the Left:  One set of rules for them and a far different set for their opponents.  And here's the latest example:

Following the killings by the obviously deranged Dylann Roof in Charleston, liberals have been exploding in white guilt, angst and similar.  According to Salon, for example, ALL whites must share the blame for the murders.

Hmmm.... Seems t' me the leftists at Salon haven't always bought into the notion of "collective guilt."  For example:

If that image is fuzzy, the left one is from three days ago and says "White America must answer for the Charleston church massacre."

The one on the right is from two years ago, after the Boston marathon bombing by two Muslim brothers, the Tsarnaevs, killed 3 and ripped the limbs off others.  It reads: "Muslims don't need to apologize for the Tsarnaevs."

Before the internet no one could have proven that the Leftist assholes at Salon had such a blatant double-standard.  Of course those on the right already knew, and those on the left wouldn't mind a bit.  Anything's fair for their cause.


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