Monday, May 11

King of some mid-east country declines to attend the emperor's mid-east summit. Libs can't decide if it's a snub!

When the putative leader of the free world (for those of you under 30, until a few years ago that position was held by the president of the United States) holds a "regional summit" for leaders of six mid-east countries, and a few days later the king of arguably the richest one--and a nominal U.S. ally--says "Sorry, can't make it--gotta wash my hair," would you think that was a barely-concealed message?

Well if a Republican were president you can bet the mainstream media would be screaming that it was.  But in the reign of the emperor (peace be upon him), the libs at New York magazine are, like, totally unsure.
President Obama has invited the leaders of six Middle Eastern countries to a summit at Camp David this week, and on Sunday night Saudi Arabia's King Salman announced that he won't be attending. So did the U.S. just get a major snub from the new monarch? Maybe! With the Iranian nuclear deal set to be finalized on June 30, the meeting with the Saudis, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman is meant to secure Arab support for the agreement. The six nations have signaled that they're looking for assurances that the U.S. would come to their aid if they're threatened by Iran.
Some say King Salman's move is meant to show that Saudi Arabia isn't happy about the Obama administration's thawing relationship with Iran, its regional adversary.
Ah, the well-sourced "some say."  Apparently just wacko Rethuglicans and various knuckle-dragging tea-party types.  No one of any substance, surely.
However, a handful of officials on both sides are still insisting that King Salman's decision to pull out of the meeting — days after Saudi officials told Secretary of State John Kerry he would be there — shouldn't be seen as a slight.
Oh, certainly.  Definitely should. not. be. seen. as a slight.  And the message is thus conveyed to every editor in the U.S:  You are not to interpret this as a slight.  So do not report this as one.  And thanks for your cooperation.

One can only imagine how the press would be having fits of indignation if the same thing happened to a Republican president.  But the media will keep their emperor safe from all open, official criticism, no matter what.

It's what the do for Democrats.


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