Wednesday, May 6

Leftists (Chris Matthews and others) blaming cartoon organizers for Muslim attack in Texas

I see the moonbat Leftists are already blaming the aborted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas on free speech, Pam Gellar and Dutch realist Geert Wilders.

You might think the two Muslim ISIS wannabees who put on body armor and started shooting AK-47s at unarmed civilians were to blame, but the Left--including MSNBS commentator Chris Matthews--thinks that's absurd.  Instead leftists claim the two Mulsim attackers just couldn't keep from attacking when those awful, provocative Americans started drawing cartoons of Mohammed. 

Cuz, you know, drawing stuff is just beyond the bounds of human decency--at least according to Muslims, and now according to leftists too.  They seem to think it's even worse than cutting off the heads of bound captive Christians--"taunting" or something. 

And of course "everyone knows" that Muslims just can't resist the urge to shoot anyone who lampoons their Religion of Death.  So if they kill you, it's really your fault.

And to a Leftoid this makes perfect sense.


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