Sunday, May 3

Suddenly the Lying Media has decided missing senate votes is terrible!--if it's a Republican candidate

If you listen to the news at all you probably heard a story or three about "OMG! Ted Cruz has missed 77 senate votes!"  The story was also everywhere on the internet.  Hard to tell whether the pushers were Democrats trying to sink a major opponent of their sainted grandmother and dowager queen, or establishment-Republican backers of the awful Jeb Bush.

Well some guy from some nutty right-wing rag did a graphic of votes missed by various senators.  Here it is:

Sure enough, there's Cruz right at the top.  So that's it, then:  Any senator who misses 12% of senate votes is clearly an unAmerican slacker who obviously shouldn't be allowed within a mile of the White House.

Oh, wait--my screencap software seems to have chopped off part of that graphic.  Let's try again:

Whoa!  Who's that with twice the percentage of missed senate votes now? 

As the saying goes, "MY, isn't THAT interesting!"  Bullshit Barry's percentage of votes missed while HE was a one-term senator was twice that of Cruz.

Of course back then--a hundred years ago (2008)--this fact was absolutely, totally unimportant.  Because Obama.  I mean, the Mainstream Media's standards for Important Stories were SO different way back then (2008).  But now that the media's standards have, um..."evolved"...this is a Really Important Story!!!  In fact, they're sure it should disqualify any candidate for president.  Because the Democrat-loving media want to elect--surprise!--the dowager con-woman who has been shown to lie at every turn.

Democrats:  They know who they are, know what they want, and know who to back to get it.

Oh, and for those liberal fuckwits who are sure this is from some right-wing site, this graph was indeed created by some guy from that notorious conservative rag, the Washington Post.   But if you think they've suddenly decided to be unbiased, look who the headline of the story named first:

"Ted Cruz, Barack Obama and the biggest vote-missers in the Senate"

And of course that's SO logical, because as a journalist you'd naturally write the headline to name the distant-second-place guy first, right?  Especially since the top vote-misser--by a two-to-one margin!--is some nobody holding a position of no importance whatsoever, while the second-place guy is...RUNNING AGAINST HILLARY!!

So, you know, makes perfect sense.


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