Friday, May 8

FBI director: "It's like the devil sitting on their shoulders saying 'kill, kill, kill'"

FBI director says Islamic State influence growing in U.S.

WASHINGTON — In a dramatic assessment of the domestic threat posed by the Islamic State, FBI Director James Comey said Thursday there are "hundreds, maybe thousands" of people across the country who are receiving recruitment overtures from the terrorist group or directives to attack the U.S.

Comey said the Islamic State, also known as ISIL, is leveraging social media in unprecedented ways through Twitter and other platforms, directing messages to the smartphones of "disturbed people'' who could be pushed to launch assaults on U.S. targets.

"It's like the devil sitting on their shoulders, saying 'kill, kill, kill,''' Comey said in a meeting with reporters.

The FBI director's comments come in the midst of a federal investigation into a foiled attack in Garland, Texas, involving two ISIL sympathizers.

In related news, in an imprompu address from the Rose Garden today President Obama announced the resignation of FBI director James Comey, saying Comey had said he wanted to spend more time with his family.

The president said he had asked Comey to make the announcement with him but the director would be busy with very important internal security meetings for the next several weeks that couldn't be postponed.

The president thanked Comey for his loyal service, adding that the director hadn't been his normal self for the past couple of months.

"He was mumbling things like 'kill, kill, kill' and 'It's like the devil is sitting on their shoulders.'  It didn't make any sense.  I suggested he probably needed some rest."

"In fact," said the president, "his statements to me were so strange that if he makes any unusual statements to any of you in the media in the next few weeks, you should probably disregard them.  Really.  The guy seems to have flipped out, and printing any alarming statements would simply increase tensions...with certain groups, such as former members of the military, who are often about to go over the edge anyway thanks to my predecessor's ill-advised and probably illegal invasion of Iraq."  


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