Wednesday, May 6

Idiot Leftist Chris Cuomo claims so-called "hate speech" isn't permitted by the Constitution

Chris Cuomo--a member of the New York Cuomo dynasty--is a thorough leftist.  He also reportedly has some sort of show on a thing called MSNBS, which I understand is a Democrat propaganda outlet disguised as a cable TV "network."

Chris is also a moron.  An idiot.  Well, that or a liar.  And I'm open to any clarification he'd care to make.

Yesterday people commenting on the Muslim attack in Texas noted that even if one were to accept that drawing cartoons of Mohamhead was "hate speech," the Constitution doesn't bar speech that lampoons religion or politics or race or what have you.  Rather, the Constitution allows all speech short of "yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater" when no fire exists. 

Cuomo tweeted, "it doesn't. hate speech is excluded from protection. dont just say you love the it."

So Cuomo thinks the Constitution doesn't protect whatever the hell the Left wants to classify as "hate speech," eh?  That sounds very serious indeed...and it would be if it was true.  But it's utter bullshit. 

Now let's expand on Cuomo's idiocy--or mendacity, your choice:  Click this link to see how readers of his bullshit tweet called him on it, asking "Give me the exact cite in the Constitution."  Cuomo responded "Chaplinsky bans fighting words."

Ah.  So is that in the "Chaplinsky amendment," perhaps?  No?  Maybe it's a "penumbra," which term was used by a Supreme Court black robe to find a *Constitutional* right to abortion.  The point is, Cuomo is citing a court decision, not the Constitution.  But instead of admitting he made up the point, he simply "moved the goalposts" and dodged the question.

Hey, what possible difference does it make, eh?

What does it matter if the Obozo administration swears that forcing citizens to buy health insurance is NOT a tax, but a fee, and it can't be a tax because the bill didn't originate in the House (as all taxing measures are required to do), but then the chief "justice" authors an opinion that says "It's constitutional because it's a tax."

What possible difference does it make if congress passes a law saying the government shall build 700 miles of border fence but Obozo says "Fuck off"?

What possible difference does it make if hosts of cable TV shows make stuff up about the Constitution?  And then pretend they spoke the truth.

What possible difference does it make if Obozo refuses to secure our southern border, continuing to allow tens of thousands of unvetted, undocumented aliens from all manner of nations come into the U.S.?

Eh, no matter.  Everything will turn out all right.  As long as you're willing to convert to Islam.


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