Wednesday, May 6

Hillary says she supports "full path to citizenship" for illegal aliens

Hillary Clinton has announced her policy on illegal immigration:  She supports Obama's executive order that keeps them from being deported, and also supports a "full path to citizenship."

Thus the Democrat party continues embracing the notion that laws are meaningless, and can be broken without consequence. 

Well, some laws, anyway--ones that Democrats don't like.  You, on the other hand, must obey every law.  Fail to declare some income on your annual federal tax return and you can be fined or jailed.  Unless you're Obama's first Treasury Secretary, of course--in which case it's no big deal and if you ask about it you must hate the presiden cuz he's half-black or something.

If you or I stole classified documents from the National Archives and destroyed them, the federal government would come down on us like the Furies.  But if you're Clinton advisor Sandy Berger, it's no big deal.  You don't spend a day in jail, or even pay a fine.

Why have a congress if the president can make and ignore any laws he wishes?  Reduced to its essence, that's Hillary's position.  Laws mean nothing.

Well, at least for the elites.  For you peons it's a different matter.

By all means, do vote for this person.  She and the Democrats will definitely continue the process of "fundamentally transforming" this long-suffering country and its people.


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