Thursday, May 7

ISIS claims it sent the Texas attackers; White Hut says "We know better than you who's Muslim."

I'm amused by the bind spokespeople for ISIS have put the emperor's regime in concerning the affiliation of the two Muslim attackers in Texas.

ISIS claims the attack was at their behest and was deliberately designed to end with the death of the two hapless shooters, just to show how willing Muslims are to die for their cause.

Meanwhile the emperor refuses to admit the attackers were Muslims, or indeed, that they had any association at all with Islam.  Here's the emperor's press secretary:
This is consistent with what has been previously described as a lone-wolf attack. Essentially you have two individuals that don’t appear to be part of a broader conspiracy, and identifying those individuals and keeping tabs on them is difficult work.
The emperor refuses to admit what ISIS has claimed because to do so would represent a paradigm change--an admission that Muslims do want to kill us and that they're already here.  It would show even the dimmest bulb that the emperor is either an idiot or a brazen liar--either of which would seem to reflect badly on the party.

Which of course would call into question--in the minds of rational people, anyway--the emperor's continued support for open borders, increased Muslim immigration and amnesty/citizenship for millions of illegal aliens who can't ever be vetted.

One wishes just one White Hut reporter would have the balls to ask Obozo--in a televised forum--whether he agrees with ISIS that a) they want to kill Americans; and b) that they're already here in the U.S.  But of course that'll never happen, since no reporter is willing to betray the holy Democratic Party.

But don't worry, it's okay.  Cuz ya see, they're "elite" and "enlightened."  They went to a much better university than you did, and they know so much more than you do.  So we should trust them.



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