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Ann Barnhardt speaks the truth

I'd run across a few bloggers who mentioned or quoted Ann Barnhardt a few years ago but didn't learn more until yesterday.  Ann is a controversial conservative, to say the least.  She clearly has the courage of her convictions--which makes her the target of anger an ridicule by liberals, Democrats and socialists/communists/"progressives" who run the U.S. government.
Here's her webpage bio (edited by me).  Starts slow but keep going:
Graduated from Kansas State in 1997 with a degree in Animal Husbandry (beef cattle production) with an emphasis in Agricultural Economics.  After graduating I immediately moved to Denver and became a commodity broker, specializing in cattle and grain hedging – PURE hedging, as in forward contracting actual cattle and actual grain for farmers and ranchers. 

In 2006 I opened my own one-woman brokerage, which quickly became successful. 

On April 3, 2011, after watching senator Lindsey Graham advocate for Sharia law, and for punishing those who “disrespected” the islamic political system and its manifesto, the koran, I posted two videos rebutting Graham’s remarks and then burned a koran – bookmarked with raw bacon.  I concluded by giving my address and inviting all musloid and/or FEDGOV comers to come and get a piece of me.

The two videos went viral and have been mirrored countless times. 

The media wants to portray any anti-musloid speech as the domain of ignorant rednecks – hence the breathless coverage of Terry Jones.  Critics of Islam who are intelligent and well-spoken – much less acting with manful courage in the face of such obvious evil – will never be covered. 

Six months later, with my reading audience growing fast, I sounded the warning on commodity futures clearing house MF Global.  I noticed a parabolic increase in their bond yields and heard anecdotes of wire transfers and checks drawn on MF Global bouncing.  On October 26th I publicly recommended that all MF Global clients get their money out of the firm's accounts.

I never imagined that what happened next could happen.  After investigators found that [former Democrat senator and governor] Jon Corzine had swept $1.6 Billion from customer accounts, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange astonishingly refused to fulfill its fiduciary duty and reimburse the stolen customer funds, despite having over $8 billion in a fund ostensibly created for this purpose.

Even more unthinkable was the CME’s freezing of the MF Global victims’ accounts, refusing to even allow them to liquidate their positions – WHILE THE MARKETS CONTINUED TO TRADE FOR OVER A WEEK.

These acts proved that the legitimate financial markets as we had known them no longer existed.  The Rule of Law was dead.  There was no recourse or way to protect of defend oneself or one’s clients from the brazen theft by the politically powerful.  Contracts were now worthless.

This was no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of men.  On November 15th I  liquidated all my customers' accounts.  I could have sold my customer book to another broker for a small fortune--the normal practice for commodity brokers--but I could not throw my clients to the wolves while I lined my pockets.  My priority was keeping them safe and making certain that what happened to the clients of MF Global did NOT happen to my customers.

I continued to blog on various topics and subjects.  I stopped paying federal taxes shortly thereafter and openly encourage others to likewise declare a tax strike.  The IRS swept my normally drawn-down bank account on October 27, 2012 after having a settlement wire from a real estate sale catch their attention.  Unable to provide a tax return for “bank compliance,” my mortgage was foreclosed on on December 28, 2012.  Resolved and resigned to the fact that it was impossible for me to function in the now-overthrown United States of America, I commenced a total estate liquidation and vacated my home in the spring of 2013.

I will continue to educate and sound the warning via this website for as long as possible.  I am living off of the dwindling remains of my estate liquidation.  At age 37 I will obviously need to find some way to earn money so that I can live.  I aspire to janitorial work, but keep being told at every turn that I am overqualified, not meant for janitorial work and should be using my intellect to earn a living.  Sadly, people of intellect and morality are disqualified and even attacked when society is under the control of a tyranny backed by the mob.

Don’t ask where all of the smart people are.  Don’t ask where all the true, moral, ethical leaders of men are.  They're invisible for now--watching in silence, because the mob wants to be ruled by psychopaths and imbeciles.  So long as that is the case, we cannot help you, even if we wanted to.

Despite all of this, I am happier than I have ever been in my life, and would change nothing. 

In the second chapter of the book of Joel, God promises to give back to us the years that are taken from us by “the locusts”.  He will, and He does.  So I sit, and watch, and pray, trusting in God and His Mercy, imploring Him to let me do some little bit of good, and never to be a burden on anyone.
If you don't a firm idea yet, here are some of her FAQ's:
Q: Are you crazy or otherwise mentally ill?

You wish.  That would make me so much easier to dismiss, wouldn’t it?  My stock answer is, “If fitting in to this culture and society constitutes sanity, then please God, let me never be sane.”

Q: Are you on Facebook?

Nope.  Ann Barnhardt does not have a Facebook page.  The page with my name and picture on it is an unauthorized “fan page”.  That isn’t me.

Q: Are you a Jew?

Nope.  Half Anglo, the other half Protestant German.  I’m the walking definition of an ethnic WASP, but I appreciate being called a Jew as that is what people resort to when they come across someone intelligent that they can’t rebut.  It's really a backhanded compliment.

Q:  What’s the deal with your crazy eyes?

It’s lucidity coupled with ferocious charity.  I realize that the glazed stare of indifference is considered attractive and virtuous these days. 

Q: Would you consider running for office?

Nope.  The constitutional republic of the United States no longer exists, and even if it did I would sooner die than lend legitimacy to the teeming cesspit of scum and villainy that is Washington D.C.  Also, women shouldn’t have to lead men.  Men need to reassert themselves and their masculinity if western civilization has any hope of survival.  The destruction of the West is an intrinsically feminine phenomenon.  Only men, acting as men, can restore it.

Q: What politicians do you support?

None.  They are all psychopaths and whores.  ALL OF THEM.  The culture has degraded such that seeking and/or holding office, especially national-level office, is, in and of itself, proof that a given person is psychologically and morally unfit to hold public office.
She describes herself as "a person who has always possessed extreme self-confidence bordering on arrogance."

As noted at the start, she's definitely controversial.  But unbelievably courageous.  Hard to imagine another commodities broker would risk a lawsuit by publicly advising people (not just her clients) about warning signs suggesting the likely collapse of a multi-billion-dollar fund run by Democrat bigwig (former senator, former governor) Jon Corzine?  That alone is amazing.

She not only stops paying fed income tax, but openly recommends that others join this "tax strike"?  This woman has major courage.

Calls Islam out as the evil cult it's always been?  Wow.  No wonder the Left--and "establishment Republicans"--are trying hard to marginalize her, by any means.

Best wishes and luck, Ann.  You're speaking the truth, and I wish the country had a lot more like ya.


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