Saturday, April 25

Slow-motion national suicide

How would you characterize someone who offers to smuggle Africans from Libya to Italy, locks a thousand of them in the hold of a ship, and then... sinks the vessel?

Would you consider such an act so shocking as to be literally impossible to believe?

Or would you note that the murderous smugglers are from the same cultural cesspool that spawned the beheading monsters of ISIS and al Qaeda, and thus find this not only believable but unsurprising?

Transporting Africans to Italy is the new growth business.  Smugglers charge around $2000 per person, and they don't even try to dodge Italian patrols anymore.  Quite the opposite: smugglers head right for the Italian coast guard ships and then scuttle their own vessels, knowing the Italians will rescue their clients and take them to an Italian port.  Next stop: any European city.

It's a perfect crime, because the smugglers know the EU will not only rescue their clients but will also let them stay in the EU rather than send them back. 

Slow-motion national suicide.  Just as with our own porous southern border.


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