Saturday, May 2

Obozo has conceded that Iran can seize U.S. ship without consequence

Since 1800 or so the U.S. has enforced the idea of freedom of the seas.  Meaning, no group or nation could seize a non-military vessel in international waters without reprisal from our navy.

That just changed, as Iran has seized a U.S. ship.  And it will not surprise a single one of you that Obama has decided to take no action.  That is, he's fine with that.

The seizing of the Maersk Tigris wasn't just an act of piracy; it was a declaration of a new order on the seas.  And the American emperor has, as usual, merely smiled and acquiesced.
Iran flexed its muscles and America did nothing. Translation: The U.S. is a paper tiger, and Iran will seize other ships as it pleases. When a timorous America imposes no penalty for state piracy, such actions are sure to repeat. Imagine how that affects the calculus of a hundred nations and thousands of ship owners. 
[T]he seizure illustrates that Mr. Obama is determined to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, regardless of what actions Iran takes.... [T[he seizure was not an accident; it was ordered by the same government with whom Mr. Obama is determined to sign a nuclear agreement. Mr. Obama could suspend negotiations--leaving the economic sanctions in place--until the ship is released. But of course he won't.
The Obama Administration has actually defended the mullahs, claiming the ship was seized by the Republican Guards without the blessing of the religious authorities.

This lie is patently obvious, because the Iranians still have the ship.  If the mullahs didn't approve, the ship would have been releases within hours.  How long does it take to communicate an order to the Guards?

So get this clear:  the obozo administration--Bullshit Barry in command--lies to us on behalf of a fanatical regime of an alien religion which has sworn to destroy us.

If this doesn't make you mad as hell--mad enough to take up arms and march on Washington--you deserve what you're getting.  This nation is no longer the U.S.A.

H/t Ace of Spades


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