Thursday, December 11

Two key *Democrats* call for NO vote on funding government; media doesn't say a single critical word

Is shutting down ten percent of the government good or bad?

If you said "bad," which party is currently threatening to shut down ten percent of the government by refusing to vote for a year-long "continuing resolution" that maintains funding essentially at current levels?

The answer is that a handful of both Democrats and Republicans are pushing for a "no" vote on the thing.  But of course to the Lying Media, if Republicans vote no it's a bad thing.  Terrible!  Awful!

But how about Democrats urging a no vote?  In case you haven't kept up that would be both infamous faux Native American Elizabeth Warren, and former Dem speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and both are strongly urging their colleagues to vote against the funding measure *unless* a provision they don't like is removed.

Wait, isn't that bad, to threaten a shutdown because you didn't get your way?  Why yes, yes it is...when Republicans do it.  But not a single critical word is printed or uttered by the media when two key Democrats do the same thing.

But do not think, citizen, that this means the media is a bunch of partisan, lying hacks.  Cuz there is absolutely no proof of that.  None at all.  It's just a figment of your imagination.


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