Wednesday, December 10

Mainstream Media relegate Gruber congressional appearance to interior pages--b/c not important?

Suppose a key architect of the Bush administration's strategy for Afghanistan and Iraq had been caught on video saying "We were counting on the stupidity of the American people to make this fly."

Or suppose the same key architect was caught saying "Lack of transparency really helped get the authorization for use of military force bill passed."

Think the nation's newpapers would be outraged?

If the person who uttered those lines was cross-examined by a Democratic-dominated congress, do you think that would make the front page, above the fold, every day for a week?

Damn right it would.

Now consider how three of the nation's most influential papers covered the congressional testimony of one "Jonathan Gruber," who is on record saying that Americans are stupid and that the "lack of transparency" in the wording of the so-called "Affordable Care Act" was a huge advantage in getting it passed by a Democrat-controlled congress.

The crappy Democrat shill called the NY Times (spit!) put Gruber's testimony on page 20.

The liberal Washington Post (gag!) put it on page 4.

The left-leaning USA Today put it on page 3.

Because, you know, a key architect of Obamacare calling Americans stupid and bragging about how "a lack of transparency" was a key feature in getting that piece of shit passed is so...trivial!  So...yesterday.  So...unhelpful to the Democratic narrative.  So, you know, it's just not of interest to our readers!

And we know that because we're journalists.  And because Obama!

Got it?

Why do we always have to tell you what to think twice?  Can't you get the fucking message the first time we elite members of the media tell you what it is?  Gruber was right: you people are stupid! 


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