Wednesday, December 10

U.N. conference organizer on failure of Green energy: "For some reason it didn't work."

A big U.N. "Climate Change Conference" is wrapping up in Lima, Peru.   And a couple of inadvertent news stories tell us a lot about the idiocy and incompetence of U.N. would-be dictators.

Since the UN believes human-generated carbon dioxide is heating the planet, the UN planners wanted to make this faabulous conference totally non-carbon-"polluting."  Unfortunately, reality intervened.  The AP reported that the organizers wanted solar panels to provide all the electricity the conference used, but...
...but the Lima sun is not reliable. That’s one reason solar panels were not used.
So for electricity, the talks are relying exclusively on diesel generators.
Diesel generators?  Geez, don't those burn, like, fossil fuel?  And emit... Okay, let's try Plan B:  Non-carbon-emitting hydroelectric power.
Organizers had planned to draw power from Peru’s grid, which is about 52 percent fed by non-polluting hydroelectric power. “We worked to upgrade transformers and generators but for some reason it didn’t work,” said Alvarez.
There is the Left exposed in all its technical incompetence:  "For some reason it didn't work."

See, we ordered it to work.  We wanted it to work.  We spent vast sums of other peoples' money to try to make it work.  But for some reason it didn't, and we're, like, totally baffled.

But it's absolutely not our fault that it didn't work.  You can't blame us, because we had good intentions and we tried and we spent lots of time and money.  Oh, and you should totally forget this trivial incident when we order western nations to turn over all electricity production to us, because we're sure it will totally work next time.  We promise.

And you can trust us, because we have good intentions and diversity and hold conferences.

Lots of conferences.


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