Sunday, December 7

Food supply company chooses name without knowing that's not allowed--erases net presence

There's a story making the rounds about two young women from Texas who started a company supplying unusual foods to eclectic upscale restaurants.  They called their company Strange Fruit.

Well...about ten nanoseconds later the Perpetually Aggrieved Class Warriors jumped on that with a vengeance.  Turns out that's phrase number 182,937 on the list of phrases white people aren't allowed to use!

Well, aren't allowed according to the Society of Perpetually Aggrieved Class Warriors.  And of course all the *cool kids* suck up to the SOPACW because...well, that's the cool way to act.  Reward their antics, their intimidation, their demands, and Things Will Go Better.  Cuz, you know....

Which puts me in mind of a story:  When I was ten a black kid snatched a five-dollar bill out of my hand when I went to pay for some small purchase.  So I hereby DEMAND that the nearest black give me five bucks to settle that long-ago wrong.

You fine with that, Sparky?  Yeah, didn't think so.  But you don't see anything even trivially amiss with demanding that all whites in the U.S. pressure congress to give you eight gazillion dollars as reparations for something some whites did to some blacks 70-odd years ago.

Now, I'm not for a moment equating five bucks with the injuries inflicted on innocent blacks 70-plus years ago, so you don't need to scream about that.  It's the *principle* of the thing.  *I* don't owe you anything--any more than you owe me that five bucks snatched by that black teenager decades ago.

When you understand that then we can talk.

A body of written work called the Greek tragedies may be instructive here.  One of the recurring themes is of someone in Group A who was killed ten generations earlier by a member of Group B.  A LOT of members of Group A are unable to let this go, and are determined to get vengeance on anyone from Group B who happens to be nearby.

And does this stop the enmity?  Of course not.  Rather, it has exactly the results you could predict.

I'm waiting for a black leader to step up and say "Hey, we're all wounded by the injustices of the past, but someone has to be big enough--and smart enough--to say 'It stops now.'  Otherwise we have Germans and Japanese hating Americans and Brits and Aussies and Kiwis and French for another ten generations.  So to all whites:  If you felt guilty, we absolve you.  If you didn't, we're good.  Now let's get this country moving forward again, absolutely colorblind from here on out!"

Any sumbitch who truly meant that would probably win the presidency in a landslide.  Because there's so many pussy liberal whites ya know.  Just kidding.

And of course this is what all white liberals foolishly thought Obama was all about.  But hey, shit happens.  Ya know?


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