Saturday, December 6

Saudi-born engineer charged with giving secrets about Navy's newest carrier to undercover agent

If you're curious as to how utterly stupid "your" government has become courtesy of twin icons of diversity and political correctness and "OMG! You can't profile Muslims!" consider this news item:

Today federal prosecutors announced that a Saudi-born Muslim engineer working for the U.S. Navy has been arrested, charged with giving an undercover FBI agent secret documents about a new aircraft carrier being built for the Navy.  He is also reported to have advised the agent on the best way to sink the vessel with a missile.

Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, now living in Yorktown, Va., was arrested Friday on an FBI affidavit that reads like it came from a Tom Clancy novel.

Idiots in "your" government--including civilians in the Defense Department--seem to be deliberately sabotaging our military.  But don't worry, citizen:  It's all good.  The Emperor agrees with U.S. leftists that the U.S. military is too strong and needs to be more touchy-feely and "green."  So you need to get with the program and hire more foreign nationals--especially from the middle-east.

Yeh, dat's da ticket.


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