Wednesday, December 10

Obama says people *think* he's favoring illegal aliens over Americans! Perish the thought!

Who said this?
Obviously I’ve been at the receiving end of people really angry at me about not just these executive actions, but have been ginned up [sic] by some of the conservative talk shows that think that I’m usurping my authority despite the fact that every previous president has exercised the same authority or they think I’m favoring immigrants over red-blooded Americans. And so that’s a lot of the criticism directed at me. 
Why, that would be the imposter in the Oval Office, Emperor Barack Hussein Obama.

So, don't mind if I call you by your name, do ya?  Because I ain't about to call you "Mister President" because you sure aren't that, legally, now, are ya?

Yeah, I didn't think so.  But I realize all your Democrat supporters will go to their deaths thinking you're just as much of an American as any of us.

Which is why you refused...yes, produce a *valid* *long-form* birth certificate until you were safely ensconced in the White Hut--when you knew no one would be able to remove you without causing a fucking civil war.

Your Dem enablers in congress knew that too.  Which is why there are two different "certifications" by the Democrat party to the various states attesting to your eligibility to hold the office of president.  The one to Hawaii is different from all the others, isn't it?  Because top Democrats knew the truth but wanted to play a legalistic game to win the presidency, regardless of legal status.

But we're on to you.  Your lies and frauds have left a trail of evidence.  You can't undo it now.  You can't take it back.

You may get away with it in this lifetime, because you have the media for your allies.  But eventually the truth will out.

Oh wait, I forgot: You don't know what "truth" means.

Truth is irrelevant to you.  All that matters is the Narrative.  The Fable.

A century from now people with more honesty will know how you lied, raped the Constitution and destroyed this country, with the help of your "progressive" enablers and the Democrats.

But of course you won't care, since you'll have achieved your goal of destroying the U.S. that we once knew..

But what does it matter whether you lie and destroy?  Certainly having power and a fabulous retirement makes it all worth it, right?

You bet, cupcake.

What difference does it make if the last great "city on the hill" is destroyed if you get what you want?

I mean, how many people can say they destroyed the best country in the world?  That is SOME great accomplishment, eh?  What a legacy, man! 

Any amateur dictator can destroy a place like North Korea or Haiti, but it takes a lot more to destroy the finest nation in the world.  The only important thing is that you get what you want, get to fund the programs you like, and make life harder for the people you hate, right?

All hail the Emperor.


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