Friday, December 12

Repubs cave on funding resolution

So, yesterday the worthless congress passed--not a two month funding measure, to keep the federal gummint running until the new congress is seated in January, but a full year's funding.  And they got no concessions at all from the Dems.

But if you have more neurons than a turnip it's clear that the strategy for the Dems was to demand everything and refuse to concede a thing--because they knew that if the GOP held the line on spending, their media allies would blame the GOP for a Democrat-led shutdown regardless of the facts.  And while last month's election seemed to show that voters were pretty tired of Democrat policies, a steady barrage of media stories about starving kids due to...well, it really wouldn't matter, would it?  The media would blame the Republicans.

So it was a win-win proposition for the Dems.  They could. Not. Lose.

And of course it helps that Boehner is either being blackmailed or is crazy.  Because he didn't even bring a two-month CR up for a floor vote.  Admittedly, he knew the still-Dem-controlled senate would vote it down, but least that would have put the Democrats on the record as voting for a shutdown.  But Boehner refused even do that.

Oh, one more thing:  Anyone with an IQ over room temp knows that one of the Democrats' core goals is to peel conservatives away from the establishment wing of the GOP.  The absolute best way to do that was get the Repubs to cave on the continuing resolution, by threatening to blame the Repubs for "shutting down the government" (which actually amounts to shutting about ten percent of non-critical (useless) positions).

That would give Boehner--not exactly a strong guy--the choice of caving or being blamed.  And naturally he chose the former.  Which utterly pissed off the conservatives who turned out in such high numbers a month ago and handed the Repubs a majority in both houses of this worthless congress.

Naturally this media is crowing like mad over his refusal to press the electoral message--with the utterly predictable result that more conservatives will abandon the Republican party.

Well played, Democrats!


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